A locally run enthusiastic equestrian club

The MEA look forward to the day we can all come out to

play on our horses again.  Take care everyone!

Our Dressage Championships held in

February 2019 were proudly sponsored by 

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Our MEA is a relatively small club with members who have diverse horsey backgrounds and interests. We have three main subcommittees...dressage, showjumping and WEQ. Our members are fabulous at coming together as helpers. Due to our small numbers show jumpers jump in to help at dressage comps, WEQ's are versatile and set up showjumps, dressagees don't just prance around but can be seen helping at WEQ and Jumpclub days. If you want to become involved with the MEA or you'd like to run a rally day or competition, you won't be on your own.  Contact Secretary

Memberships are on Global Entries Online

We look forward to having you as a member of our club


Monaro Equestrian Association Inc.

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